Sunday, February 09, 2003

خب. اولين مقاله‌ي من در مدلاين قرار گرفت (+). اين مقاله ا است كه به كمك دوست عزيز پيام صالحي و راهنمايي استاد و پدر بزرگوارم دكتر فريدون عزيزي به عنوان تحقيق اپيدميولوژي انجام دادم، اما آخرش درس اپيدميولوژي را حذف كردم و هنوز هم نگرفته ام! اما فكر كنم يكي دو نفر از روي آن مقاله نمره گرفته اند و بالاخره پس از يك سال مقاله انگليسيش چاپ شد.

Cardiovascular risk factors in the elderly: the Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study.

Azizi F, Emami H, Salehi P, Ghanbarian A, Mirmiran P, Mirbolooki M, Azizi T.

BACKGROUND Coronary artery disease is becoming more prevalent in developing countries, particularly in urban areas. Because the proportion of elderly individuals in the population is on the rise, this study was conducted to determine the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors among the Tehran urban elderly population.DESIGN AND METHODS Among 15 005 urban individuals of 3 years old and over who had been chosen in a cross-sectional phase of a longitudinal study in Tehran, there were 1799 people aged 60 years and over. The prevalence and distribution of high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, dyslipoproteinemia, diabetes mellitus and obesity were determined in this population. Dietary intake was assessed in a subsidiary of 54 people by means of two 24 h dietary recalls.RESULTS The percentage of women with two or more cardiovascular disease risk factors was significantly greater than in men (74% compared with 53%, < 0.001). One fourth of men and 55% of women had high serum cholesterol levels (>/=240 mg/dl). The prevalence of diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance was 24% and 21% in men and 29% and 20% in women, respectively. The prevalence of obesity (body mass index >/=30 kg/m ) was 15% for men and 36% for women. Fifty-five per cent of men and 94% of women had high waist-to-hip ratios (>0.95 in men and >0.8 in women). The mean percentage values of energy intake derived from carbohydrate, protein and fat were 60.5 +/- 8.0, 11.5 +/- 2.0 and 27.8 +/- 8.9, respectively.CONCLUSIONS The prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors among the Tehran urban elderly population is high. Some efforts should be made to reverse the recent trend towards increasing age-related mortality and morbidity rates of coronary heart disease.
PMID: 12569239 [PubMed - in process]

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